I Can Do Nice

by Saso


Hot Press Magazine
"Gentle, spacious and often stunning...Saso really lift themselves above the rabble of atmospheric electronic musos and grab you by the short and curlies...I Can Do Nice is usually intriguing, often captivating and rarely short of interesting"

The Irish Examiner - Weekend Supplement (interview with Saso)
"The album is a lovely specimen, pretty much isolated from the styles and sounds of current trends..maybe Radiohead's 'How to Disappear Completely' or bands like Labradford, could offer some clue as to the level of subtlety that Saso can acheive."

The Irish Independent - Day and Night Supplement
"I Can Do Nice deserves a wide audience thanks to its intricately crafted sings - a mix of Thom Yorke-esque vocal numbers and Sigur Ros-like instrumentals. The cinematic soundscape is evocative and eerie and manages to be utterly experimental without stinting on accessibility"

The Irish Times - The Ticket Supplement
"Anyone with an ear for Talk Talk and Sigur Ros would be well advised to seek out this album...Saso manage the admirable feat of intuitively knowing where the music should go...there is a digital shimmer and an organic hum that is smooth without being bland."

The Sunday Tribune - i Supplement
"Mood and athmospherics are the business of Saso..the band's simple melodic approach is full and attractive with enough musical meat."

"Mixing downbeat tunes that could easily entice Coldplay fans in need of something darker with ghostly instrumentals - this album is sure to do nicely as a soft slow burner"

Delusions of Adequacy Ezine USA
“I Can Do Nice is gorgeous, but in its most quiet moments, it's also stark in its melancholy and it's provocative in the way all good music should be. Amazing production, astounding songwriting, and gorgeous instrumentation makes this the best Saso release to date, and it's a new favorite album I plan to listen to again and again”

Babysue.com Ezine USA
”I Can Do Nice is a strange blend of sound and melody...very dreamy, somewhat surreal, and slightly hypnotic. These compositions are beautifully crafted and well executed. Exceptionally beautiful material from start to finish. Highly recommended 5+++”

Big Takeover,com USA
”What makes Saso unique amongst the endless hordes of melancholy/quiet bands, is the way that I Can Do Nice flows from track to track, making this a 13track piece of art, more than a collection of songs”

Iris Ezine IRL
“With this album Saso have further developed their obvious talent for the melding of analogue and digital sounds to create a sense of uneasy calm that prevails throughout the recording. It’s not always nice, yet it’s consistently excellent. Saso can do good… very well”

Leonard’s Lair Ezine UK
“There's a few surprises as the music takes a turn down several dark, ambient alleys descending into total blackness. It's an album of adult concerns dressed as warm, soulful rock where only the dark, disillusioned lyrics could prevent it from being passed through to daytime radio”

Lostatsea.net Ezine
“Although ambient cloud cover and digital debris pelt this endeavor, the roots of Saso remain firmly implanted. Loosely grasped guitar picks barely hurdle over the strings, words occasionally struggle through the natural adhesion of lips and saliva, melodies coalesce for a moment before dissipating into the charged silence. Stately and honestly affecting, Saso is an endearing sight to behold”

Plan B Ezine USA
”I Can Do Nice derides any possible accusations of pretentiousness by virtue of being blue-eyed, soulful and unaffected. As a result, the LP is extraordinarily lovely throughout: there is a shimmering ambience that Talk Talk would be proud of, and features a fragility of adult emotion and naïve cadence that whispers of musicianship and grace. Saso are in love with songs that speak softly and authoritatively. And as the likes of Elbow prove, a tenderloin voice of open-veined honesty is one of grace and dignity”

Tangents.co.uk Ezine UK
“I Can Do Nice neatly blends electronica with a glacial rock atmosphere, and as such is a deliciously mesmeric sound, suffused with the spirits of Talk Talk and Sigur Ros, and possessed of the kind of gently surrealist patina found on the quieter moments of the sublime Sunset Studies by Augie March. Highly recommended”

Welovemusique.com Ezine Canada
“Saso prove only one thing here: that they have a great command of atmosphere, with the potential of becoming the next great thing in mood pop. The production is lush and full while still maintaining a minimal approach to get you to float in hypnotic bliss if you let it.”

Exclaim Ezine Canada
A listener with an affinity for haunting songs can find their new great band with Lawler’s falsetto mixing incredibly well with the crackly drums and guitars to provide the next song to cry about your break-up too. Saso can evoke like the best of them - I Can Do Nice wrongly gives the impression that there is a streak of sarcasm running through these songs, but the instrumentation and vocals belie a seriousness that show that they can do much more that just nice”

Barcode Ezine USA
“Saso’s new album brings a positive mix of electro and acoustic instrumentation to deliver a stimulating collection of melancholy tracks. The production is crisply forged to deliver a high quality blend of guitar and subtle, manipulated electronics and piano throughout. I Can Do Nice immediately strikes you as an album you will want to play over and over, as the album evolves its way from uplifting Radiohead-style pop tracks to deeper, darker and more intense passages”


released October 15, 2004



Saso Dublin, Ireland

SASO formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2000 by Jim Lawler (composer / multi instrumentalist) and Ben Rawlins (producer / recording engineer) who share a unique artistic relationship as a writer and producer partnership.

Their music has soft tones, dark electronics and an unrushed pace which offer a slow-motion perspective on fast-forward culture.
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