Big Group Hug

by Saso

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Saso's debut album


released October 22, 2001

The Sunday Times Culture Magazine UK (Record of the Week) 3/3
“Outstanding. You could be listening to Talk Talk, or possibly Radiohead’s next album. Imagine a white room that is subtly perfectly lit except you cant see any of the lights. That music you hear playing in the room – that’s Saso.”

Q Magazine UK 4/5
“The music is as beautiful as the aching drift of Talk Talk's last incarnation - less esoteric and jazz-driven - more a blissed out take on Krautrock.”

The Event Guide Dublin IRL (Album of the Issue-twice) 5/5
“There's loads of space to wander around in on BGH. You bump into an incarnation of Radiohead - but it never seems overly derivative. It's a reflection of just how good BGH is. It's one of those albums you know will challenge you for months to come”

The Irish Times IRL (The Ticket) 4/5

The Fly Magazine UK 4/5
“BGH as a title seems to express a sort of collective neurosis that develops into solitary confinement by the ending. It is a pleasure to hear things like this - here's the real thing. This is beauty incarnate - luxuriant and divine.”

Rock Sound Magazine UK 4/5
“A similar status to Mogwai and Sigur Ros should befall the excellent Saso”

Muzik Magazine UK 4/5
“This makes you wonder and question at the same time as it soothes you -
Saso sound like a cross between Mogwai and Thomas Newman, and there's just enough irony and just enough love in there to make this something special.”

DJ Magazine UK 3/5
“An emotive mix of gently brooding, at times explosive electronica and delicately poised acoustics.” Ezine USA 5/6
“The songs are wonderful and unique...the sound quality is superb...and the graphics are absolutely fantastic (the booklet/insert features some incredibly cool images). What more could any listener want? This is worth seeking out. Absolutely WONDERFUL.” Ezine USA
“This is just another great, great record from an interesting origin that I will enjoy listening to whenever the mood - any mood - strikes me.” Ezine USA
“Saso's songs are expressive and varied in intensity, instruments, tempo, and style, but not too much - the songs work together very well as a whole, and the transitions between them are natural and smooth” Ezine Canada
“In order to fully appreciate the sensual arrangements you should listen to it late at night all by yourself, either on headphones or on a loud stereo. Saso is a welcome addition to this reviewers CD collection - Expect to see this elegant album on many top 10 lists at year end.”

Delusions of Ezine USA
“Full of lush, beautiful instrumentation, soft vocals used sparingly, and a thrill for experimentation, Big Group Hug is one of those lush and lovely albums you will want to listen to over and over again.” Ezine USA
“Ethereal vocals, like the forlorn keening of wayward angels, creep spine-chillingly into Saso's songs every so often. Cool and beautiful, in an exotic, unfamiliar way.” Ezine Italy
“I would consider this the best post-rock disk of the year. The sound has evolved - the production is less low-fi and is more accurate: the work has gained a concreteness and a freshness that Mogwai or Tortoise have lost. BGH is is the ideal soundtrack to listen to on the nights when you can't sleep”


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Saso Dublin, Ireland

SASO formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2000 by Jim Lawler (composer / multi instrumentalist) and Ben Rawlins (producer / recording engineer) who share a unique artistic relationship as a writer and producer partnership.

Their music has soft tones, dark electronics and an unrushed pace which offer a slow-motion perspective on fast-forward culture.
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